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In Retail News: The Food District at Square One in Mississauga is now open! it is expected... Read More


U of T receives $100M to build massive new innovation and AI centre. Click here for more information.


Carolyn Laidley Arn

Senior Vice President • Sales Representative

At Lennard... Read More

Union Centre in Toronto, which is being revealed here for the first time, would be wedged into a tiny site next to Union Station. Yet it would be among the tallest and the biggest... Read More


California-based electric car company Tesla is backpeddling on its recent announcement that it would... Read More
Aiming to open by 2020, the New Union Staton Bust Terminal will provide an indoor weather-protected waiting area for Go Bus customers with an enclosed walkway to Union Station.... Read More
Netflix is setting up a dedicated production hub in Toronto, which film and TV creators hope will provide new opportunities for local talent. At Cinespace Studios, Netflix is... Read More

Aritzia Bloor Storefront

The impressive retail space features a first-in-Canada coffee shop, as well as a... Read More
Developable land is scarce. Demand for housing is high. Land value is skyrocketing. And the only way to go is up. Density is the magic word on everyone's lips, whether it is... Read More


Ikea, the world's largest seller of furniture, is looking to expand its business by leasing furniture... Read More