New Office Rendering

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A $5.3 billion project will see light rail, GO, Union Pearson... Read More

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The American Express Foundation is pledging $1 Million toward the ongoing restoration... Read More

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  $17.7M Modernization project in Hamilton funded by the federal government. Click here... Read More

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  Retailers have been developing sustainability policies for their buildings over the past... Read More
International delivery and logistics service UPS (UPS-N) says it will build its largest Canadian facility, a $200-million, 850,000-square-foot distribution centre, in the Town of... Read More

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  As the bitter winter cold sinks its teeth into Toronto, city staff are considering... Read More

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  Striding briskly out to the end of a 600-metre-long former industrial pier poking out... Read More
Toronto has quickly grown to become one of the major tech hubs of North America. The Silicon Valley of the North, Toronto’s startup scene has grown with a 33% increase in its tech... Read More