Are You The Right Fit?

Can you answer "yes" to the points below?
If so, Lennard could be the place for you!

  • Are you looking for the freedom to be yourself and work on your own schedule

  • Do you generate the majority of your own business

  • Do you want the best commission split for yourself

  • Do you want Best in Class Agent Support

  • Do you avoid politics and red tape

  • Do you enjoy working and collaborating with other people

  • Do you want the flexibility of working in all real estate types, asset classes and markets

  • Is your door always open to help or guide others

  • Are you flexible to work in Toronto, Mississauga, Markham, Waterloo, Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal or Western Canada?

  • Do you want to enjoy coming to work

Interested in learning more? Please contact Dan Hunt 416.649.5955