Agent Testimonials

Exceptional Team, Exceptional Results

"I joined Lennard in January 2024 after 10 years in the industry. I'd done deals with Lennard agents in the past and had always been impressed by the agent's professionalism and approachable nature. Speaking with the agents I heard great things about Lennard's welcoming culture and supportive staff, complimented with industry-leading resources and in-house marketing. Within days of arriving, I knew I'd made the right decision joining Lennard and was left with only one question: why hadn't I joined Lennard earlier?”

~ Paul Kotyk, joined Lennard in 2024

"When I decided to make a move to a new company, I thought the transition would be very difficult. I didn’t realize how wrong I was. The management team and tremendous professional staff made the transition seamless. They helped me with every aspect of the move.
I have been welcomed and made to feel part of this exciting team.”

~ Stephen Connell, joined Lennard in 2021

"I am thrilled to be working in such a friendly cooperative environment at Lennard.”

~ Peter Mason, joined Lennard in 2021

"Lennard Commercial Realty is a tremendous mix of smart people who go out of their way to help me every day. What a refreshing place to do business!”

~ Brad Warren, joined Lennard in 2021

"Joining Lennard has allowed me to increase the value of service I provide my clients. The resources and support team has been instrumental in growing my success."

~ Cole Braithwaite, joined Lennard in 2019

"Lennard has the best support! I can't believe how long I waited to make the move!"

~ Terry Alexander, joined Lennard in 2014

"Lennard's best kept secret is our support staff."

~Jared Collis, joined Lennard in 2012

"Lennard is unique because of its relaxed yet professional atmosphere. The people make this place exciting to come to everyday."

~Jay Goldenberg, joined Lennard in 2016

"Lennard is unique because of the people, the freedom to be yourself and work how and when you want to as long as the results are there!!"

~Carolyn Laidley Arn, joined Lennard in 2008

"I would describe the Lennard environment as caring, loving and at ease."

~Dean Macaskill, joined Lennard in 2007

"I was so suprised to hear that agents think at Lennard we get nickled and dimed. Everything is supplied here! Also, before coming to Lennard I worked at a national brokerage for 10 years, and I can say that Lennard has the best agent support you can possibly have"

~ Andrea Kraus, joined Lennard in 2002

"Unlike other commercial real estate brokerages, there aren't any politics at Lennard"

~Tom McLeod, joined Lennard in 2004

"My biggest regret to date in my real estate career is not having joined Lennard sooner."

~Andrew Meanchoff, joined Lennard in 2014

"Lennard is unique because of its top performers, cooperative and fun loving culture and splits. Our innovative platform easily supports the most demanding projects."

~Jim Russell, Founding Partner

"I like coming to work each day for the daily camaraderie. Also, the support staff are constantly thinking outside the box."

~Joseph Wise, joined Lennard in 2013

"What I like about coming to work each day is that it's all about striving towards my goals, with a strong support network to help achieve them."

~Michael Salenieks, joined Lennard in 2016

"What Lennard offers is unlimited earning potential with maximum freedom and lifestyle"

~Daniel Shlagbaum, joined Lennard in 2011

"Lennard is an entrepreneurial free spirited company where I have the opportunity to work with people that I like, run my own business, make a very good living and at the same time enjoy coming into work each day."

~Jim O'Reilly, joined Lennard in 2004