Our Values


We believe that when we are free to choose where, when and how we work, we excel in our professional and personal lives. We fight for our independence and actively work at keeping our entrepreneurial spirit alive.


We’ve got oomph and passion! We are results driven and we take great pride in seeing things through to the finish.


We work in a collaborative, supportive and fun environment. Humour differentiates us: we take business seriously, but not ourselves. 

We value equal opportunity, personal growth, giving back, and above all else, respect for each other.

Life’s too short for assholes, so we don’t hire them!


We are transparent, accountable and work with the utmost integrity.


We are dynamic, flexible and constantly employing progressive and creative strategies for improvement.

Work to Live®

We support a work‐life balance where each person’s well‐being and family come first. 

It means so much to us we’ve coined our own tagline for it: WORK TO LIVE!