Creditview Lands

Residential Development Opportunity For Sale

Draft Plan Approved - 16 Single Detached Lots

Creditview Road & Williams Parkway
Creditview Lands

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Land Information

Total Size 2.24 acres Zoning Residential Single Detached
Land Use Designation Residential Single Detached
  • Details

    The Subject Property consists of approximately 2.24 acres of land and is draft plan approved for 16 single detached lots. The lands are located within the Springbrook Community Credit Valley Secondary Plan Area 2 and are designated Low Density Residential.

    The Subject Property has a Draft Plan of Subdivision approved for the creation of 14 new lots. Along with the existing 2 lots along Lost Canyon Way, the Subject Property allows for the development of a total of 16 single detached lots. All 16 lots are zoned Residential Single Detached as per Zoning By-Law 4-2019 approved on January 23, 2019.