LPAT Overturns OP Designation That Would Have Allowed DG Group to Develop 500 Acres in Georgina

"It is a decision that is a tremendous win for Jack Gibbons, the North Gwillimbury Forest Alliance and the Lake Simcoe Watershed.

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) has amended the Town of Georgina’s Official Plan by designating the Maple Lake Estates’ (MLE) wetlands and woodlands as an “Environmental Protection Area.”

The new Environmental Protection Area designation applies to 92% of the 200 hectare MLE property, which is located in the North Gwillimbury Forest.

The LPAT decision was made as a result of the NGFA’s successful appeal of the Town of Georgina Official Plan, which had designated these ecologically sensitive lands as “Urban Residential.”

The NGFA’s appeal was opposed by the DG Group (owner of the MLE lands), the Town of Georgina and the Region of York..."

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