Explore Carolyn's Art Exhibition at 20 Adelaide

We're excited to share some news with you! Through Helloart, our very own Carolyn Laidley Arn's captivating artwork is currently on display at 20 Adelaide Street E, where she, along with Andrew Baker and Jim Russell manages the entire office leasing portfolio on behalf of the Landlord. We highly recommend that you take the opportunity to visit this exhibition which will be up until May 27, 2024.

Carolyn explains “Through a comprehensive study of human emotion and energy, my work conveys the complex interconnected systems of life. Circular shapes combine with unexpected colour and pattern, heavy layering, and collage, attempting to achieve balance akin to self-realization.“ Carolyn is an intuitive, urban, abstract painter who uses acrylic, spray paint and mixed media. Her pieces are a fascinating blend of colour, shape, and texture, each telling a unique story that encourages viewers to pause and take a moment of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. One of the great things about Carolyn's art is its versatility. Each person brings a different perspective from memories and experiences, making the encounter truly personal.

Demonstrating Lennard’s “Work to Give” motto, Carolyn gives back to the artist community through her volunteer service as the Chair of the Artists’ Network. She actively exhibits in outdoor tent shows such as the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, and Riverdale ArtWalk as well as shows in Ottawa, Kingston and Toronto. She is represented by galleries in Toronto, Hamilton, Ohio and Tennessee and has participated in juried shows locally and internationally. She is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists and a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the Society of Canadian Artists.

The ethos of “Work to Live™”, championed by Lennard, can be seen in Carolyn's journey as both a dedicated commercial real estate agent and a talented artist. We love to bear witness to these two worlds colliding!